, VA,


Over the years, there have been so many wonderful people who have contacted me wanting to know how they can help The Messages Project. On behalf of the children and their parents, I thank you so much for your kindness. Here are a few ways in which you can help.


Think about who you know who already provides services in prisons or those who may want to start
a new project: your church, a nonprofit organization, a friend of a friend who you have heard about, a
service group such as a Rotary or Lions Club, or even a business. If they are the least bit interested,
help us connect with them, and we will explain how they can become a Messages Sponsor.

Collect Childrenʼs Books

New or gently used childrenʼs books are always in need. Parents read them to their kids while filming, and then they are sent home to the children. Simply box up your donation and send them to the address below.

The Messages Project
P.O. Box 8325
Norfolk, VA 23503


You can lead a donation drive to sponsor an event for The Messages Project at the institution of your choice. When a large number of people donate a modest amount each, it quickly adds up! Let us know you are interested and we will help set a target amount, and weʼll talk to the institution to help you gain their approval. We promise that we will come out and run these events in the most economical way possible. You can provide extra help at the event by being a crew member with us!


Donations can be made for general use, or you can designate your contribution for a specific purpose, such as an upcoming event, equipment, DVDs and materials, or postage.

And donʼt forget, we truly believe that your thoughts and prayers are wonderful ways to be involved!
We love to get your emails too. Thank you for your kind support for this work of love!

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