, VA,

We are honored to announce that our friend and volunteer Tyrone Wells plans to give a very special gift to children of incarcerated parents this holiday season. He will offer personalized, handwritten lyric sheets to fans in his online store, with 50% of his profits being donated to The Messages Project. Watch his video to learn more about this initiative:

Tyrone and his wife Elina are dedicated volunteers with The Messages Project, and they recently helped us film messages with parents in California. Adding this extra promise to our program means more than words could ever say.

573357-1423imgSrc1If you know a Tyrone Wells fan (or if you are one yourself), please consider taking him up on this wonderful offer. Think of all the kids you can help and all the smiles this amazing gift will bring this holiday season.

Click here to place your order today!

Order by December 9, before this offer is gone forever.

Thank you, Tyrone. You are a blessing to us and children everywhere.

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