, VA,

This year, there were 72 candidates who applied to become one of the 12 organizations that would benefit from the Deep Run Marathon Dance. Since October, the Deep Run Marathon Dance student committee, which consists of 50 Deep Run High School students of all grades, has been working diligently to decide which of the 72 applicants would be chosen. This is a very tedious and extensive process, and there is a lot that goes into deciding who will receive grant money at the end of our program.

The Messages Project was in the front running from the beginning. It received a very high “first glance” rating from the committee, and as the list of possible recipients decreased, The Messages Project began to stand out even more.

The committee was drawn to The Messages Project primarily because a few committee members have a personal connection to children affected by parental incarceration. Personal connections are a main deciding factor in the selection process. Another deciding factor is whether or not each organization directly affects the Deep Run community. Although The Messages Project is widely used throughout all of Virginia, there is no doubt they have affected the lives of those within the Deep Run area.

Ultimately, the committee chose The Messages Project because it is unique. The Deep Run Marathon Dance has never benefited an organization that targets children with incarcerated parents, so this provides another window for the dance to reach even further into the community and touch the hearts of those children and families benefiting from The Messages Project.

Jenna Rayhorn
Deep Run Marathon Dance Committee
The Messages Project Organization Leader

Please support The Messages Project through their efforts with the Deep Run Marathon Dance by clicking here to make an online donation.

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