, VA,

UPDATE – Filming of Holiday Messages Ends.

We — George, Kevin, Keith (those wonderful volunteers) and myself — have just gotten in from finishing up the Messages for the Holidays. They were wonderful…and before I continue I wanted everyone to know that thanks to some donations of books this year, we were able to send many more books to the children with the Mom or Dad reading it to them, so thank you for the books they are a real treasure for both the inmates and the children.

As we do after we finish with the filming we went to dinner, were we share our experience of the day. How they made us laugh, how they made us cry. What did they do that was so touching, and just about how we feel. Words can’t express how your heart is so full. Then we plan the next day…

Many came up to me, some who had never done the Messages to say they saw the show and to thank me. Others who have done them before wanted to tell me how proud they were of the work I am doing. One of the men, who has done one each time we have come, brought me some pictures of his boys watching him on the TV and in one of the pictures the littlest boy is kissing the TV. You can see the Dad in the TV it is a big TV:) We will post the pictures as soon as we can.

The women were so excited to be able to do a Messages to their children, many for the first time. They had heard from others how much their children loved them.

The volunteers who went with me as always did a great job. I want to thank them for all they do. I would also like to thank the institutions and the Department of Corrections for all they do to help make it possible.

We are going to be looking at expanding the The Messages Project and hope we have your support in doing so.

Have a wonderful Holiday, you all have made it possible for the Messages to touch many a child.

Thank you,

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